IB4060 & IB793

Treating your bulk rock salt at a rate of 6-8 gallons per ton with
IB4060 will:

Enable your de-icing applications to melt ice in temperatures below 0 degrees.The eutectic point temperature of IB4060 is -32°F.

Keep your bulk rock salt piles from freezing. Rock salt alone can only melt ice and prevent itself from freezing above 18-22 degrees.

Eliminate the need for you to use grits/sand.

Reduce/eliminate equipment and property corrosion. IB4060 is less corrosive than distilled water!

Reduce de-icing effects on concrete by using less material.

Enable you to melt more ice per pound of product you carry.

Save you money vs. using straight rock salt or any other treated product on the local market.

*All chlorides may become slippery when warm and humid conditions are present. Always adhere to your distributor's recommendations and have a basic understanding of what you are doing before applying any winter anti and/or de-icing products.
* Always keep salt and IB4060 treated salt dry until use. Water, such as rain or snow, on a treated pile may cause the OBPE to run out of the bulk rock salt.


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