IB793 & IB2575

Pre-treating your pavement with these products prior to snow storms at the rate of 20-25 gallons per lane mile will:

Eliminate hardpack from bonding to pavement by creating a barrier between the pavement and ice/snow. You will be able to plow off snow easily even after heavy vehicular traffic.

Yield a safer surface during storms than if left un-treated, as hard pack can not bond to pavement.

Save you money on your de-icing applications as you will have a cleaner final push. In other words you will use less de-icer after the storm if you anti-ice before the storm.

Enable you to produce a cleaner surface faster on your final push.

Make anti-icing less damaging to your environment. Releases less phosphates than our competitor’s material and tests the least corrosive -- less corrosive then distilled water!

The eutectic point temperature of IB793 is -37°F

*All chlorides may become slippery when warm and humid conditions are present. Always adhere to your distributor's recommendations and have a basic understanding of what you are doing before applying any winter anti and/or de-icing products.
* Always keep salt and IB4060 treated salt dry until use. Water, such as rain or snow, on a treated pile may cause the OBPE to run out of the bulk rock salt.


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