Ice Less was formed to bring the best quality anti and de-icing material to all parties requiring these resources at lower costs than currently available on the market. We have experience in the operations and actual service uses of our products, allowing us to not only provide you with the materials you need at a better price but also help you use the materials to your maximum advantage. Ice Less looks forward to supplying you with your winter service materials this season! 

Ice Less is proud to offer IB4060, IB793, and IB2575 products this season.

Ice Less LLC carries a cost effective, environmentally friendlier, and superior liquid anti and de-icing product line. This product is a liquid organic by-product of trees and calcium chloride blend used for treating bulk rock salt as a de-icer and applying before storms directly to the pavement as an anti-icer. IB4060 is used for treating bulk rock salt and IB2575 or IB793 are typically used for pretreating pavement directly. IB793 may also be used as a liquid de-icer.

Recent studies have shown magnesium chloride to be the most destructive on concrete, aluminum and wiring harnesses. In fact some states, like Iowa, and trucking companies are shutting down the use of magnesium chloride in their anti-icing products. Ice Less has solved the problem! By testing many different organics with a unique form of calcium chloride, we have found one that will blend with calcium chloride and yield better results across the board than any of our competitors products can. Ice Less products also have the lowest phosphorus levels. You will be pleased with the results and cost of the products brought to you by Ice Less.

Ice Less manufactures IB4060, IB793, and IB2575 products locally in New Jersey. We supply the municipal, county, and state DOT/DPWs and Contractor markets. Ice Less, as a local manufacturer, has eliminated many “middle men” involved in our competitor’s product distribution, enabling us to keep costs down! We use digital meters for the sale of our liquid products. No more looking at the tank and guessing. You will get the correct gallons you order from Ice Less.


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